Creating a List of Installed Applications with PowerShell

As a systems administrator, it is my responsibility to ensure that all necessary applications are installed on each computer in our organization. Recently, my manager asked me to create a list of all applications that are installed on a Windows 10/11 device as part of the initial build process, before the device receives additional applications from the Software Center. This list should be in an Excel file, along with descriptions of each application. My manager needed this information to track the applications that are being installed on new devices and understand their purpose.

After some research and experimentation, I was able to come up with the following script to automate this process:


 This script uses the Get-WmiObject cmdlet to retrieve a list of all installed applications on the computer. It then sorts the list by the name of the application and stores it in the $allApps variable. Next, it iterates through the list of applications and creates a new object for each one, storing the name and description of the application in the object. It then adds the object to an array of installed applications. Finally, it exports the array to a CSV file located at "C:\installed_apps.csv".

I hope this script is helpful to others who need to create a list of installed applications. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for improvements.

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